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Agenda of SLOPOS14

The tentative schedule of SLOPOS14 (29 Apr. version) can be downloaded.  

SLOPOS14_tentative agenda
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The abstracts can be downloaded below. The password to open this pdf file will be sent the attendee of the workshop via email. The pdf file cannot be printed out and the printed matter (Book of abstracts) will be received upon reception.

Abstracts in slopos14
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Oral presentation

You can use your own PC to show your viewgraphs using a LCD projector.  We will provide the Windows 8.1 PC (Power Point and Acrobat Reader). You may use it using your USB memory or your SD card.  The timetable is crowded and we have no margins, so please keep your time.

Plenary talk : 50 min + 10 min (comments and questions)

Invited talk : 23 min + 7 min

Contributed talk : 15 min + 5 min


Poster presentation

We will provide the poster board (W 1200 mm x H 2100 mm), so that you should prepare your poster with A0 vertical dimension (W 841 mm x H 1189 mm).  Pins and adhesive tape are provided to post the posters.  Please post your poster by 10 am on the assigned day.


Duplication and recording

Photography, audio recording, video recording, or any other form of duplication is strictly prohibited in the session rooms and poster areas without permissions.


Scope & Topics


Since the 1st meeting the SLOPOS workshop has been devoted to investigations on the production of positron and positronium beams, their fundamental physics and chemistry, and their applications to materials such as metals, semiconductors and soft matter. The main subjects of the workshop will include, but are not limited, to the following:


•       Positron transport and beam technology

•       Pulsed positron beams and positron traps

•       Defect profiling in bulk and layered structures

•       Nano structures, porous materials & thin films

•       Surface and interface analysis

•       Positronium formation, emission and beams

•       Positron & positronium interactions with atoms & molecules

•       Many positrons and anti-hydrogen

•       Improvement of experimental techniques



Student prize


We will award prizes for outstanding poster and talk contributions presented by students. The award winners will be announced at the banquet. Certificates and a special cash prize (JPY 30,000) will be presented to the awardees.